Have You Ever Tried To Convince Someone To Sell?

Tired Of Convincing Someone To Sell?

❗️So How Many Of You Tried to Convince Someone to Sell Your Product/Services I think almost all of You so today let’s discuss why not to convince someone to sell your products…❗️

🔰 Nobody Buy From You?

🔰 Because Of This!

💯 Now let me Tell You 3 Basic and Proven powerful elements that you can learn from This Article which is I call the “Art Of Selling” and It’s so simple some of you will be amazed to know that you all have those skills inside you but you never try to find out!

🙋‍♂️ Before telling you those 3 elements let me tell you a quick story which you can relate yourself when I first started my journey as a Marketer I had faced a lot of struggle cause I am only searching for people to pitch my product and I thought I would make a sale upfront without any Such Efforts… 🙇

❌❌ But I was completely wrong cause I’ve not learned how my product can transform their lives no matter how good your product/service is nobody gives a damn if your product couldn’t help them. I was pushing my products as a Slimy Sales Person which just knocked you on your door to sell you the stuff that is Not even Required that way you will always struggle a lot without even getting a result cause in your mind you have only 1 thought i.e., just to sell my product doesn’t matter is it going to help them or not. ❌

At That Very First moment, I realized something that I need to make changes to My strategy and then I discovered these 3 Elements that helped me Now I am revealing it to you that will help you become a Better Closer, not a SalesPerson!🎆

💥 Quick Tip: SalesPerson know How to Sell But a Closer Know How To Close a Deal

🔰 So now instead of wasting your time let’s dive in with those 3 elements that will help you sell Anything to Anyone without even convincing them:

I know some of you might be thinking so how can we sell our product so to answer this question I write this article so be patient & read till the end I assure you will thank me later!

So let me give an example I am as a Marketer cold call you and sell you my order upfront without you knowing me & my brand would you buy my product? 🤔

A Big Nooo… 😓😓

That's why most people fail cause I am convincing you of something which you don’t know and the benefit of that product into your life how it can actually solve your problem. Have You bought something in your life which is of no use to you?


So selling is the same way you need the right people to target that way you can pitch them not upfront but later…

I Hope this statement already clears your thoughts but I would like to brief you a little bit.

So What a salesperson do they come to your home/office and pitch you their product and almost 90% of them fail cause they don’t even know what their consumer want.

Now as a Consultant you first need to know your audience, what they need what’s their struggle, what’s their problem & you make a friend with them. 🤝

How many of you think making friends is easier than selling someone?

Almost 99% of you so you’ve got your answer!

👬 Even think this way it becomes simpler I become your friend now if “I Suggest You” READ THIS AGAIN I suggest You I am not pitching I am helping you to find out the solution with our product.

Would you Buy It?

YES Of Course… 😍

So You see the difference it’s that simple and this way you can sell them whatever you have is helpful for them.

I really don’t understand why people don’t consider it important I understand that’s their personal life think for a second in an earlier point I told you to become their friend now they are more likely to share their struggles with you.

This is the most important element that I see in my life that will help you sell anything to anyone without even struggling to get sales.

🙋‍♂️ How Many of you agree with this statement?

Most of you Right!

In this element, you sprinkle some salt over their pain points & struggles and highlight them by asking easy to answer to question like open-ended questions.

And eventually whatever you have to offer which is the best fit for your consumer you can sell them & highlight the benefit of your products how it can actually transform their lives.

Now whatever you are selling them will be happier to buy from you only & even they are your passive income cause you’ve already built trust with them.

💪 PRO TIP: Always ask them where they are where they want to be that inspires them to be more open with you and helps you show them you’re an expert or perfect fit to help them…

People Buy What They Want, Not What They Need.💥

Let’s take a PRO Example:

If I have a Business of mattress Instead of me selling the mattress I would definitely sell the comfortable and peaceful sleep…😴

People spent MONEY On their wants not Mainly on their Needs which comes in High Ticket Closing.

😊 I hope these 3 Elements help you to be a better CLOSER Not a Seller…

Take Step every day Don’t Wait To Be An Expert… 😉

Nobody Is An Expert In Beginning everyone Starts with 0.

Keep Crushin* it…💥💥

The Power of High Ticket Closing!

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